O - Barchart Intellectual Property (Optional)

O - Barchart Intellectual Property (OPTIONAL)

A laminated, binder-ready study guide, containing simplified information on a respective topic, that the bookstore has recommended as a reference for a course.

Essentials of patent, copyright and trademark law are at your fingertips in this reference designed for students of law and lawyers alike, but also for anyone with concerns or opportunities working with intellectual property. The Internet age is filled with legal misuse and misunderstanding. A trusted reference source is rarely found at this price that works so well that law students, lawyers and paralegals agree QuickStudy guides are a must-have. Expertly written to offer just the facts in 6 pages, the lamination ensures the guides will last a lifetime through school and beyond. BarCharts, Inc was founded on our law guides created by the owner, designed to understand the significance of details within the larger scheme of the law, as a daily refresher, and to review before the Bar Exam.
6 page laminated guide includes:

  • Patent Law
  • Analyze Patentability
  • First to File Is Deemed "Inventor"
  • Application for Patents
  • Provisional Patent Applications
  • Patent Prosecution
  • Opposition Procedures & Post-Issuance Proceedings
  • Patent Infringement
  • Elements of Proof of Infringement
  • Types of Infringement & Infringers
  • Defenses to Infringement Action
  • Remedies in Infringement Action
  • Copyright Law
  • What Can Be Protected by Copyright?
  • When Copyrights Attach & Terminate for U.S. Works
  • How Can Copyrights Be Lost?
  • What Rights Are Protected by Copyright Law?
  • Who Holds the Copyrights?
  • Enforcement of Copyrights under Current Law
  • Civil Infringement Actions
  • Elements of Proof of Direct Infringement
  • Proof That Defendant Copied a Work
  • Degrees of Infringement
  • Contributory Infringement Liability
  • Vicarious Infringement Liability
  • Civil Remedies for Infringement
  • The "Fair Use" Defense
  • Copyrights on Foreign Works
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • Computer Software Copyright Protection
  • Trademark Law
  • Common Law Trademarks
  • Distinctiveness Requirement
  • Descriptiveness of Trademarks
  • Four Categories of Marks
  • Specifically Prohibited Marks
  • Potential Conflicts with Other Users
  • Marks in Different Markets
  • When a Trademark Itself Has Value
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Remedies for Trademark Infringement
  • Defenses to Infringement Actions
  • Useful Internet Intellectual Property (IP) Links
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