O - Barchart Philosophy (Optional)

O - Barchart Philosophy (OPTIONAL)

A laminated, binder-ready study guide, containing simplified information on a respective topic, that the bookstore has recommended as a reference for a course.

Essentials of philosophy expertly authored to succinctly cover historical details and key ideas that shaped the evolution of thought from ancient and classical to contemporary philosophy. Each philosopher and their evolutionary contributions are included and organized chronologically in 6 laminated pages for a powerful tool for support, reference and review for students or laymen to find answers for upcoming exams... or the ultimate question;)
6 page laminated guide includes:
  • Ancient & Classical Philosophy
  • Includes Pre-Socratics
  • Thinkers Setting Tone in 5th/6th century BCE
  • Departing Mythological Explanation for Natural Phenomena
  • Medieval Philosophy
  • Early Modern Philosophy
  • Modern Philosophy
  • Contemporary Philosophy
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